FLOW, a new Album, a new single, a new DVD and a LIVE Tour !!!

As announced recently, during the Count Down Live 2012/2013, a new album, a single, and a Video DVD will comme out soon, as well as a LIVE TOUR.

The single, which haven’t yet an official title, will be out March 20, 2013 and will contain the song CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA used as generic for the upcoming animation film of the Dragon Ball franchise, “Dragon Ball Z : Kami to Kami.”

After the single, will be released the 8th album on March 27. It will be entitled FLOW THE MAX!!!, and will probably contain the last two singles including Brave Blue.

In the short term, FLOW will release a DVD, VIDEO THE MAX!!!, On which there are all the 27 video clips from the beginning of the group, which means from “Okuru Kotoba” to “Brave Blue”.

In addition to all these releases, FLOW will make a tour across Japan. FLOW LIVE TOUR 2013 : Tour THE MAX!!! will be divided into two stages: LAST MAX!!! and MAX!!! no Mukou Gawa , composed of 48 concerts, the tour will begin April 12 in Chiba LOOK and ends September 7 at Maihama Amphitheater.

LAST MAX!!! MAX!!! no Mukou Gawa
429139_497528193623160_1478942349_n 307682_497528353623144_2145852434_n

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