FLOW COUNT DOWN LIVE 2012-2013「Toshikoshi THE MAX!!! 」~Differ Toshiake season 2~ (Full Show)

Hi freinds, our SO beloved FLOW celebrated the New Year with the 2nd season of Count Down Live, the event took place Dec. 31 at Differ Ariak Arena, Tokyo, & was broadcast live via Nico Nico Namahousou.
flow were pleased to annouce many surprises during the show: A new leader for 2013, which is GOT’s ^^ , a new album called “FLOW THE MAX!!!” (planned for next Mars 3rd), a new single on Mars 20, which will contain Kageyama Hironobu’s “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA“, covered by FLOW for the upcoming animated movie, ‘DRAGON BALL Z: Kami to Kami‘, also a new video DVD called “FLOW VIDEO THE MAX!!!” next Jun.
personaly, I enjoyed the live too much & i hope you’ll enjoy it too ^^



Tracklist :

1. Planet Walk
2. Fiesta
3. SPLASH!!! -Mixture Medley- (Melos/Sunshine 60/Like a Rolling Snow)
4. GAME -Mixture Medley- (Taiyou/Sono Saki ni wa…/Sharirara)
5. Golden Coast -Mixture Medley- (Change Up!!!/Realize/Days)
6. ISLE -Mixture Medley- (Fuyu no Amaoto/Colors/Smells like thirty spirit)
7. #5 -Mixture Medley- (HEAVENLY STARS/Pulse/Akai Siren)
8. microcosm -Mixture Medley- (FREEDOM/CALLING/Sign)

1star2a~ Countdown 2012>2013 ~ 1star2a

9. Blaster
10. Kimi jishin BAND
11. Brave Blue
12. Instru + Black & White
13. Tabidachi Graffiti
14. Zankoku na Tenshi no These (Evangelion cover)
15. Rock Climbers
~ Member presentation + TAKE SHOW ~
16. Re:member
17. Kakumei
18. Nuts Bang!!!
19. GO!!!

Encore 1
20. CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA (Dragon Ball Z cover)
21. Dream Express
22. Garden

Encore 2
23. Life is Beautiful

THE MAX!!! 😉


5 responses to “FLOW COUNT DOWN LIVE 2012-2013「Toshikoshi THE MAX!!! 」~Differ Toshiake season 2~ (Full Show)

  1. theres a part when the show a video and a person starts talking about every member koshi , keigo ,take,gots, and iwasaki , do u know what did he say about keigo and koshi i am dieing to know what did he say , i heard the word hentai for keigo and i know what it means >_< so do you know please :'(((((((((

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