Hamidero! kioonch.~FLOW SPECIAL~ Review

flowspecial_kioonch01    flowspecial_kioonch02

FLOW has appeared on Hamidero! kioonch.~FLOW SPECIAL~ show aired on USTREAM on August 31st, the day the single [Hey!!!] was released, and TAKE’s birthday.

One of the fans asked TAKE:
– I have a band but sometimes members argue. How can I make them get on well?
So TAKE has answered:
– Did you made a live already?

– No we didn’t yet.

– Ah! This is about. When you have made a live, members will get on well, you’ll see. To perform in front of people makes you feel great sensations.

flowspecial_kioonch05    flowspecial_kioonch07

Other fan asked to IWASAKI how does he do these movement with the drumsticks (that we can saw in some PV) and he explained his trick

One fan said that these aren’t the first time that he can talk to FLOW member because he could enter the backstage years ago.

These are some of the conversations with the fans. Emphasize that some of them have asked the band to publish a new album soon, to do more lives and congratulated them for the previous lives.

A part of the calls, fans can also participated through a live chat.

flowspecial_kioonch15     flowspecial_kioonch17

flowspecial_kioonch19     flowspecial_kioonch31

After talking to fans they have done a mini game. This mini game consisted in make a puzzle (for 3 years old kids!). The faster one has been IWASAKI followed by KOHSHI, TAKE, KEIGO and GOT’S.The game was an elimination game so the worst time person had to drank an extrange drink. GOT’Shas been the “lucky” one.

flowspecial_kioonch27     flowspecial_kioonch41

TAKE has been the protagonist of the day because it was his birthday. The fans have congratulated him and the show has gave him a birthday cake. He has given us a great time, as ever, with his natual sympathy and sense of humour.

Of course in the program has talked about the new single [Hey!!!] (which we could seen the PV at the end of the program), about the next DVD release [FLOW FIRST ZEPP TOUR 2011「ON THE LINE」] and about the next  [FLOW THE PARTY 2011] lives.

More Photos here.

Source : Flowfever.net

Special Thanks to Mari Manzano for writing the whole topic 😉


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